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At Venice Décor, we’re committed to helping you maximize your homes functionality by implementing world class decorating styles which will personalize your feelings into the aesthetics of your home, transforming it into a living space with an aura of stupendous beauty.


Gold leaf and interior design

Discover the magic of this prestigious Italian technique A brief history of an ancient craft

Gold was one of the first metals to be used by men. Famous for being both indestructible and malleable, its craft dates back to the ancient times. One particular type of craft that developed in the 11th Century in Venice, at a time when the city saw the first craftsmen’s corporations appear was the goldbeaters’ Scuole. The goldbeater was a famous goldsmith who with a large hammer, "beat" precious metals, turning them into a fine sheets of gold leaves.

He did so by inserting a gold ribbon between two layers of animal skin, and beating it all with energy, precision and expertise, creating gold leaves as thin as a veil.


Our policy is to put our clients’ needs first, and we spare no expense at ensuring that you are satisfied. Over the years, we have helped our clients create unique and personalized experiences, adding comfort, elegance and improved functionality by use of custom decorations reflecting each client’s personality with great accuracy.

As award winning and internationally recognized experts in professional luxury interior decoration, no one does it better than Venice Décor. Get in touch with one of our in-house professionals and get your free consultation today! Luxury gold decorations for interiors Gold leaf 100% made in Italy

The application of gold leaf in luxury design

An incredible mark of perfection and attention the minutest of details are the true trademark of handmade craftsmanship - the famous "Made in Italy". Today, contemporary interior designs provide new applications for the use of gold. Refined and timeless, gold leaves are perfectly suited to modern spaces; they infuse the room with bright-shining light that creates an elegant and unique reflection. Whether to decorate stucco, an old mirror leaning on top of an elegant Haussmann-style mantelpiece, an embellishment layered underneath your bathroom’s resin tiles, or used as a prime material in your kitchen, gold leaves will bring life to your interior, providing delicate, bold and outstanding finishes, perfect for your personality.

Gold Capital
Gold Capital


At Venice decor we understand that it requires a skilled eye to replicate the subtleties of a good marble finish. The ancient art of Marbling has been around since Roman times, but was refined and defined by the Italian Renaissance masters. This technique gives the impression of heavy and expensive materials in locations where, for practical reasons, they can’t be used.

At Venice Décor we use techniques handed down through generations, aided by modern technology and materials to create an extremely convincing representation of ancient marble.



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