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The trompe l’oeil frescoes are not “applied”, but painted on the wall: the transfer of color is in all respect an authentic decoration of the walls. The result will be that of decorated walls and ceiling with an “antique fresco effect”, handmade and absolutely personal.

Trompe l’oeil, which literally means 'to trick the eye', is a specialist paint technique which creates the illusion of depth and dimension usually on a wall or ceiling. If well executed, a fake door, window or niche can remarkably alter the perspective of a space, creating the impression of a much larger area. A mural can either be produced on wall or onto canvas to be installed at a later date.

We have a wealth of experience in creating ancient atmosphere using great frescoes, the technique can be used to enhance the overall feeling of space within a room or corridor.

Venice Décor - Canvas

Trompe l’oeil

With the technique of Tromp L’oeil, it is possible to reproduce the realistic creation and deepening of space to integrate the decorative painting naturally and harmoniously into reality. The term Trompe L’eoil refers to a technique of visual illusion which creates an illusion where a viewer sees a painting as a three-dimensional of an object.

These types of artistic optical illusionsare mostly seen in easel, mural and architecture.

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Frescoes Flowers

Series of flower paintings subverts one of the oldest forms of picture making: the still-life. To create these hyper-realist frescoes, Venice Decor creates a still-life arrangement in its studio using flowers and fruit.

Since most of the flowers and fruit in these compositions would never bloom at the same time, or even found together in the natural world, they show us the way in which human desire has created new seasons - bringing together in one geographical location things that nature would not assemble.



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The grotesques are ornaments (drawing, painting or sculpture), representing fantastic subjects, capricious compositions featuring characters, animals and even weird plants. Particularly suitable for decorating villas.


Fresco on canvas

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In real fresco the pigmented plaster is applied on and into wet plaster. With this technique, the process is very long. At Venice Décor, we try using the same traditional technique but with contemporary materials. The pigments are mixed on the canvas, and our Venetian masters apply it to the wall with special paper glue.


Pool custom design

Immerse yourself into pools with glamorous designs of extraordinary embellishment and creativity by the worlds most revered name in fresco art. Whether you’re looking to customize your swimming pool for a perfect gat away from the choking schedules of life, Venice Décor will take care of all your concerns. Keep the size of the pool deck in mind -such as small, medium or large- when selecting the decorations.




Make your home a place where you would want to return with pleasure every time. At Venice Décor, our designers put the client’s needs first. We can create unique environments based on criteria such as ensuring comfort, functionality and elegance. The space that carries the signature of the Venice Decor is one that is very unique and reflects a totality of your personality.

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Venice Décor’s design philosophy is to pay attention to every detail. To create a finished project that brings together the dreams and visions a client had and to provide a client a space that portrays their own personal expressions. Our goal is to create beautiful spaces that make people happy.

Venice Décor - Ceiling

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