Venice Décor - Franco Trevisiol

Franco Trevisiol

Founder and Director

Graduating in 1956 after studying Classics at the University of Pisa, Franco Trevisiol participated in the Haitian artistic and cultural life since the 60s, covering the roles of public responsibility in the cultural heritage (Inspector of Fine Arts), then rising to Manager and finally Superintendent. In a quest for more knowledge, he soon enrolled in the University of Paris where he bagged the honorary title of Elève Titulaire in 1961, and further went on to study Improvement in Art History at the University of Rome the following year.

He enters service in 1964 at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Venice, where he had remained until 1974, initially serving as an Inspector and further as a director. After putting in much effort and achieving such high results and commendation, he went on to Hong Kong where he spent the next four years working as Director of the School of Art, Hong Kong. He is a high achieving, well respected and much sought-after figure who has published essays in art history, monographic, and edited numerous exhibitions. He established the School of Venetian Arts, based in Venice and has remained there until now.

Venice Décor - Kristel Vendrame

Kristel Vendrame

Vice President and Art Director

Born January 1987 in Pordenone, Kristel Vendrame attended the Tiepolo fresco course at the Venice Art School and later proceeded to the Academy of fine Arts, Venice where she studied Scenography.

Being aware of the appreciation accorded polyhedral artists by art critics all over the world, she went in to a fruitful collaboration with Venice Décor, a move which quickly saw her work spreading to different parts of the world including but not limited to United Arab Emirates, Russia, United States, Hong Kong, Qatar, Kuwait as well as other European countries.

After many years of hard work and collaboration with Venice Décor, she rose to become the Vice President and Director of Art in 2015.

Venice Décor - Irina Kioccia

Irina Kiosa

Business Translator and Interpreter

Born in Odessa on August 1969. She graduated in Russian modern letters and in international Chinese translations.

For over a decade, Irina has followed the international activities of Venice Decor, interpreting and translating the needs of Russian, Chinese and American customers into their mother language.

Venice Décor - Masashi Kishimoto

Masashi Kishimoto

Born in the Okayama Prefecture, Japan. He to build trust and strong long term relationships with japanese Venice Décor’s customers. Customer service is an integral part of Venice Décor’s customer value proposition. Masashi have Implemented feedback loops to improve customer service and ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations.

Venice Décor - Masashi Kishimoto

Lee SiewTeei

Born in Xiantao, Hubei, China, has been a member of Venice Décor team since 2001. As Chinese Customer Service Managerstrong>, she acts as a liaison between customers and Venice Décor production department, making sure that the lines of communication remain open. In 2014 Lee SiewTeei became customer service manager, increase Venice Décor expansion outside China.

Venice Décor - Igor Kravets

Igor Kravets

Born in Belgorod, Dniester. In 1999 he graduated from the Odessa Art College Grekov. For long years he worked for different art and design company. After that, he worked in the field of outdoor advertising and design, and began exhibiting with venice art school. Currently Igor is engaged to improve Russian customer service, he travels a lot (Georgia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Odessa region south of the Carpathians, for increase Venice Décor clients.

Venice Décor - Stella Trevisan

Stella Trevisan

Passionate, driven and has more than a decade of experience in the art management industry.

While attending the academy art University in Treviso, Stella began his career in 2002 as University Art Assistant.

After three years, she moved to Venice and joined to Venice Décor company as student manager. Stella always admired Tiepolo method, she knowing weel its hight reputation and importance in Venice Décor company culture.
Venice Décor - Simone Fort

Simone Fort

Born in a little country in the North East of Italy in 1983, Fort Simone showed an innate passion in construction and handmade inventions since he was a little child. With a skillset much higher than his age, his passion evolved during his years of study at university. After his studies, he engaged in a lot of collaborations with different companies, improving on his skills and subsequently taking the way of interior design. His ability to take on a design from concept to completion, dexterity and most importantly his quality of work and attention to detail are the qualities that have set him apart as a creative with a lot of difference from the rest. Simone become a part of Venice Décor team since 2010 like as an engineer supervisor.