Venice Décor is an internationally reputed art company

Our passion and ability to transform live experiences into aesthetically beautiful art has contributed immensely to our name being respected in the industry. Leading a life totally devoted to arts, we have made an indelible mark on the sands of time with our inspiring, unique and highly efficient approach both in teaching and production of art.

About In 1991, the Venetian Art Academy began its maiden journey to becoming an inimitable reality in the world today.

  • DecorationBorn out of the intuition of its founder, Franco Trevisiol, the school in a few years has become a point of reference for Venetian artists all over the world, thanks to the commitment and dedication of if its founder and the unshakable resolve of the great team which has supported him all these years.1/4

  • DecorationThe Venetian Art Academy reviewed its image thus changing its name to Venice Décor and familiarizing itself with current trends in the art world, however differentiating itself from the competition by hard work, resilience and consistent improvement leading to numerous achievements including but not limited to being bestowed the prestigious award of Italian excellence in the world.2/4

  • DecorationSpecializing in decorative elements created through a process which combines the value of modern designs with the charm of Venetian craftsmanship, the company derives inspiration from the great masters who have made history in Italian Art.3/4

  • DecorationOur most important objective has been and will continue to be to perceive the fresco not as a mere decorative object but as a real communication but as a true means of communication, expression of trends, fashion and lifestyle.4/4


January 2018

This year saw a fulfilment to one of the goals of Venice Décor as this historic Venetian brand opened its doors to the east, inaugurating new office in Dubai as well as the Arab Emirates.

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