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The Venetian Art School is dedicated in its entirety to the study of aesthetic phenomena and artistic practice. Built to encourage learning and understanding of specific methods of research and production of art, mastery of languages and techniques as well as expose students to the insights of its national and international heritage. The Venice Art School encompasses both historical and cultural contexts as regarding the values of art in a contemporary society.

Venice Décor - Student and Master

We provide guidance to students who want deepen their knowledge and develop the skills necessary to expressing and letting out their deepest feelings using arts.

Academy Course Description Fresco, a term which translates into “fresh” in Italian, is the revered art of painting on fast-drying and damp plaster with water based pigments. This method was often considered the true test of an artist's skill during the Renaissance period. This is especially so given its very technical nature in which one would need to finish on-time before the plaster dries in order to ensure uniform adhesion of the painted image on the wall. Our one-year hands-on Venetian Décor course program (6 month + 6 months) is designed to teach you the basic fresco techniques.

Venice Décor - Workflow

Recreating the very same time-consuming but deeply satisfying and highly rewarding procedures as used by artists such as the likes of Michelangelo and Raphael in painting what is considered the finest masterpieces for the Renaissance era, we will build your artistic skills, guiding you through the process of creating your very own stunning piece of fresco as can be seen throughout Venice. As we progress, you will gain a better understanding in the use of linear perspective and naturalistic figurative treatments in the creation of the Renaissance art.

Venice Décor - Detail teaching

Frescoes Venice Décor

Fresco Workshop Hands-on Technique

Our hands-on technique will help you master the steps of preparing a surface, drawing and transferring the same including the techniques of applying the paint with tips as well as advice from the master himself, along with each procedure.

The primary objective of this course is to explore first-hand, the art of fresco painting using the same materials and techniques as the Renaissance masters. Our carefully developed and well-structured Venetian masters’ method of combining art history and knowledge with artistic practice, provides for a unique, educational and unforgettable experience.

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At the end of each course, a certificate of attendance will be issued to each participant, outlining the trainings received as well as results achieved by students.

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Art exhibition

An art exhibition will be organized in the school premises for all the students who have attended the entire two-year art course.

Venice Décor - Exhibition

Job opportunities

Students will have opportunity to continue to develop their fresco technique through traineeships. We offer professional collaboration to the most talented students.


The founder in the 90’s

Art classes since 1991

Since 1991 Scuola d’arte veneziana has been teaching to italian and international students a varied range of art techniques, such as drawing (with pencil, charcoal, pastel, crayon, pen-and-ink, sanguine), painting (acrylics, oil, egg tempera), watercolour and fresco. The school has always placed considerable emphasis on the quality of its teaching and its programmes.

All our teachers have a degree from an approved Italian Academy and have at least 4 years of teaching experience.
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